What is a Lifestyle Session? | Utah Portrait Photographer

Jul 28th, 2015

If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably seen some “lifestyle” images of my two kids on my page. I used to see these types of portraits all over the place in photography groups and I LOVED them. Lifestyle portraits are real – they capture the sweet, everyday moments that happen in your family. Here are some things that a lifestyle session is:

– A lifestyle session is real. I might give some direction, but really, a lifestyle session is you and your family as you really are.

– A lifestyle session is fun. A lifestyle session isn’t just about getting your family dressed up in matching outfits, driving to the typical portrait location, and plastering on fake smiles brought about by promises of ice cream after the session. Can we go to the typical portrait location? Sure. But… We can also do the session in the comfort of your home or go to your favorite playground, a pond, the zoo, or anywhere your family will have a good time. Lifestyle sessions capture real smiles, fun,  and interaction – no bribing necessary.

– A lifestyle session is unique. Lots of people have posed, traditional photos distributed throughout their home. How many people do you know with fun, candid, genuine family photos hanging on their walls?

Now that we know what a lifestyle session is, let me answer a few questions that you might have.

Q: If these photos aren’t posed, what’s so special? Can’t I just have my friend with a camera come snap some shots of me and the kids playing?

A: These photos might not be posed, but they are  directed. I know what looks good on camera. I know angles, I know lighting, and I know how to make sure you look your best. Lifestyle photos aren’t just “snapshots.” It takes a very good photographer to be able to take a candid photo and make sure it doesn’t look like just another picture.

Q: What if my kids don’t cooperate?

A: That’s the joy of lifestyle photography. If your kid isn’t in the mood to get their picture taken, we put him/her in their natural environment. Maybe they love coloring or playing with legos – great! Let’s get pictures of them doing what they love with the people they love (YOU!). Those moments are so real and they deserve to be remembered just as they are.

Q: What do we wear for photos?

A: For lifestyle photos, I generally tell people not to dress up too much. Make sure your clothes are clean and simple and don’t clash with the surroundings. Do your hair and make-up as you would on a normal day. Wear something that makes you happy and that you feel comfortable moving around in – since these are not simple posed shots, we might be running and playing. Make sure everyone’s clothing is coordinated. NO logos, cartoon characters, or distracting sayings!!! We want you to be the focal point… not the slogan on your favorite t-shirt.

Lifestyle photography sessions are such a special thing. They are great for people who feel awkward posing or smiling for the camera, and they can be a ton of fun. I would love to chat with you about setting up a session for you and your family. Let’s have fun together!